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Family Day 2017
Set the new Guinness World Record for the “Longest Line of Postcards”
What is the day on the second Sunday after Mother’s Day each year? It is the Family Day, a celebration day for the whole family proposed by FAMILY Project. Following the success last year, Family Day 2017 was organised as a series of large-scale territory-wide celebrations and shopping offers, inviting all citizens to celebrate this festival together.
Family Day 2016
Hong Kong’s First-Ever Celebration Day for Families
Many Hong Kong people celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but there is not a day for the whole family in Hong Kong. In view of this, the FAMILY Project initiated the “Family Day”, which is on the 2nd Sunday after Mother’s Day each year (May 22 this year). To encourage celebration of “Family Day”, we organised a rich series of events under the “Family Day 2016” campaign. One of these events even created a world record!
FAMILY Project Advocates “Quality Face-to-face Communication”
to Improve FAMILY Health, Happiness and Harmony
With the advancement in technology, more and more people tend to communicate with their family members through Information and Communication Technologies (“ICT”). The FAMILY Project had conducted surveys on communication and family well-being in Hong Kong and announced the survey results at the press conference on January 19. During the press conference, “Quality Face-to-face Communication” was advocated to encourage the public to adopt face-to-face communication with their family members.
Kick-off Ceremony of “FAMILY Holistic Health” cum
“Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey” Press Conference

To mark the milestone of the FAMILY Project, the Kick-off Ceremony of “FAMILY Holistic Health” cum “Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey” Press Conference was held on May 14. An innovative Zero-time Exercise concept is advocated to encourage citizens to increase physical exercise by simple movements that can be done any time at any places. The event captured wide media coverage and public attention.

FAMILY Project Phase II
A Step Forward in Spreading 3Hs Message

Riding on the success of Phase I, Phase II of the FAMILY Project has been launched. The project takes a step further to promote FAMILY 3Hs with a special focus on FAMILY Holistic Health. More new family-centred initiatives will be rolled out to benefit more families in Hong Kong.

FAMILY Project Moving Forward to Family Holistic Health

FAMILY Project has made enormous efforts in the past six years, including organizing a variety of community-based intervention projects, a territory-wide family cohort study and extensive public education. The response has been highly encouraging. Moving forward, we will continue to work hard to promote holistic health of families.

FAMILY Project’s Red Packets and Spring Scrolls
Let 3Hs Fill the Home

FAMILY Project has given out the nicely designed red packets and spring scrolls for families to celebrate the Lunar New Year and to spread our blessings. We hope to bring forth the message of Family 3Hs (Health, Happiness and Harmony) to every part of the community.

FAMILY 3Hs Gathering Day
Disseminating 3Hs Message to Central and Western District Residents

A sea of smiling faces was seen at the FAMILY 3Hs Gathering Day, with many parents, children and residents participating in a wide range of activities including a creative drama performance, interactive game booths and a heart-touching exhibition. The event was aimed at disseminating the 3Hs message to residents of the Central and Western District and to encourage them to have more positive communication with family.

Drama Project Helps Strengthen 3Hs Among Families

The 3Hs Family Drama Project used creative and interactive drama performances to spread the message of Family Health, Happiness and Harmony. The musical drama was watched by more than 25,000 audiences in a year. The closing ceremony held on 5 October further spread the important message of Family 3Hs.

Happy Family Kitchen Project
Family-oriented Practice Manual 2

The Happy Family Kitchen Project has published the Practice Manual 2 containing rich and varied content. It is hoped that this manual can share practical knowledge and experiences with the social service sector and brings out the spirit of “Best Science for Best Practice”.

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