August 2017 | Issue 57 | 中文
Family Day 2017
Set the new Guinness World Record for the “Longest Line of Postcards”

What is the day on the second Sunday after Mother’s Day each year? It is the Family Day, a celebration day for the whole family proposed by FAMILY Project. Following the success last year, Family Day 2017 was organised as a series of large-scale territory-wide celebrations and shopping offers, inviting all citizens to celebrate this festival together.

FAMILY Symposium 2017
Family + Well-being = Health + Happiness + Harmony

Taking the theme of Family + Well-being = Health + Happiness + Harmony, the FAMILY Symposium 2017 was successfully organised on 12 May. This high-level Symposium also marked the 10th anniversary of FAMILY Project.

Survey Findings on Hong Kong Subjective and Family Happiness Index Released

FAMILY Project held a press conference to release the findings of its “Hong Kong Subjective and Family Happiness Index Survey 2016”, attracting wide media and public attention.

Videos on Zero Time Exercise for Families

Zero Time Exercise not only brings great health benefits, it also adds fun spirit to your family and helps strengthen family relationships.