August 2016 | Issue 56 | 中文
Family Day 2016
Hong Kong's First-Ever Celebration Day for Families

Many Hong Kong people celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but there is not a day for the whole family in Hong Kong. In view of this, the FAMILY Project initiated the “Family Day”, which is on the 2nd Sunday after Mother’s Day each year (May 22 this year). To encourage celebration of “Family Day”, we organised a rich series of events under the “Family Day 2016” campaign. One of these events even created a world record!

Happy Family Month
Unleash Positive Power

May was a busy and happy month! Apart from the Family Day, the Happy Family Month was also set in May by the FAMILY Project to resonate with the International Day of Families.

“Zero Time Exercise” and “Less Sugar Diet” Mobile Apps

Leveraging on the latest technology, we have developed two mobile applications to promote Zero Time Exercise and less sugar diet. Both the two apps are available for download free of charge. Don’t miss them! And remember to share with family and friends!

Zero Time Exercise Animations Launched

To attract people of different ages to learn Zero Time Exercise, the FAMILY Project has launched a set of animations demonstrating Zero Time Exercise.