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Zero Time Exercise – Family Games

Zero Time Exercise does not require extra time, money and equipment, and it can be fun games for the whole family! Family members of different generations can do together as an enjoyable family activity, which will promote positive communication with sharing and fun.

There is a wide variety of Zero Time Exercise. You and your family can do the enjoyable exercises as fun games, such as duration, flexibility, distance, and also intensity games. For example, “Sit and Stand” can be an intensity competition to see who can achieve the greater number of repetitions within 10 seconds. “Single Leg Stand” can be a duration game to see who can hold for the longest time. Most of all, remember to praise your family members’ efforts for trying hard, for example, “you can do better and better, and break your records easily!”

Important to note: Consider your own health condition and physical strength, and choose exercises you are capable of. Those on medication should consult doctor for professional advice. Put safety first!

Duration Competitions

Single Leg Stand

Lift one leg and hold. The lifted leg should not be leaning on the supporting leg. Continue for as long as possible.


Lift both legs and perform a cycling motion. Continue for as long as you can.

Tip Toes

Stand on your tip toes. Hold for as long as you can.

Flexibility Competition

Back Scratch

Bend one arm over your head and down back, bend other arm around and up back. Grasp finger tips.

Distance Competition

Chair Sit and Reach

Sit with one leg straight and one leg bent. Lean and reach forward.

Intensity Competitions

Sit and Stand

Stand up from a stable chair to a fully extended standing position with your arms folded across your chest.

Use your right elbow to touch left knee, then use your left elbow to touch right knee.