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Press Conference
Study on Family Communication Patterns in Hong Kong
More Praise More Happiness

To explore family communication patterns among Hong Kong families, the FAMILY Project conducted an annual population-based telephone survey entitled “Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey” (HK-FHInTS), and a press conference was held on September 26, 2010 to announce part of the survey results. Survey result shows that giving praise to family members and physical touch like hugs or warm touches on the shoulder are significantly associated with family harmony and happiness. Besides, spending quality time with family such as dining, shopping or taking walks brings a positive impact on family harmony, happiness and mental health, especially for older adults.



(Left) Professor T. H. Lam, FAMILY Project Principal Investigator and Professor Sophia Chan, FAMILY Project Co-Investigator announced survey results at the press conference.


HK-FHInTS press conference attracted quite a number of media to report.


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