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The FAMILY Project has been organizing a series of community-based family-oriented projects. These projects use the public health approach for project planning, implementation and evaluation on one hand, and gathers the power and wisdom of social welfare organizations, local groups, schools and government departments to benefit the families through the best practice on the other hand.
Happy Family Kitchen Movement
Based on the strong foundation of the HFK projects in the previous years, the Happy Family Kitchen Movement (HFKM) is scaled up from district level to territory-wide participation…
Family Interactive Drama with Exercise and Fun
Riding on the success of the 3Hs Family Drama Project, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and the FAMILY Project collaborate again and launch the 3Hs Family Drama Project II…
Community Health Campaign: Fitter Families Project
In collaboration with the Christian Family Service Centre, the Community Health Campaign: Fitter Families Project is organized aiming to enhance family cohesion among disadvantaged and low-income families…
Family Holistic Health Community Promotion
The Family Holistic Health Community Promotion aims at improving FAMILY Holistic Health, through increasing physical activeness and implementing healthy diet as ways to show love and care to family members.