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Less Sugar Diet Mobile App

To help you reduce sugar intake and make healthier food choices, the FAMILY Project has developed a mobile application named Less Sugar Diet. A number of popular and practical functions are available on the app. So let’s take a closer look at the features!

Don’t know how many calories or how much sugar you should consume each day? This app features a convenient Calorie Calculator which can instantly calculate your daily caloric requirement and the recommended sugar intake each day. This can even measure Body Mass Index (BMI) which will indicate whether you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

This app also comes with a Sugar Diary, which not only keeps track of your sugar consumption but also acts as great reminder to avoid overconsumption. The Diary covers a number of popular food and drink items, including prepacked drinks, non-prepacked drinks and desserts. In the Nutrition Label, it provides tips on how to read nutrition labels, focusing on the definitions of high and low levels of sugar, sodium (salt) and fat.

The Know More About Sugar provides you with information on different kinds of sugar (white sugar, red sugar, honey, sugar substitutes…). Knowing there are so many common myths about sugar, this app takes this opportunity to debunk those misconceptions and reveal the facts behind them.

Android version

iOS version

(Chinese version only)

Calorie Calculator estimates the recommended calories and sugar intake, as well as Body Mass Index.

Sugar Diary records how much sugar you have consumed in a day.

Nutrition Label explains the definitions of high and low levels of sugar, sodium (salt) and fat.