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To facilitate knowledge transfer, the FAMILY Project has been publishing a series of reports and briefs for free collection. We hope to share the insightful findings and valuable project experiences with the community partners, stakeholders and the public through the publications, and further promote the messages of FAMILY 3Hs in Hong Kong and beyond.

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Happy Family Kitchen I Project
Organized together with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the project has a vision to mobilize families to make good use of dining and cooking time to develop positive family communication and to strength family members’ inter-relationships in Yuen Long district.
Harmony@Home Project

Jointly organized with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, the Harmony@Home Project is a preventive parenting intervention focusing on reducing parent-child conflict and enhancing parent-child relationship, working together with the parents.

Effective Parenting Programme

Jointly organized with Caritas – Hong Kong, the Effective Parenting Programme aims to increase parents’ use of emotion management techniques, improve their emotional well-being and parent-child relationship, and thus enhance FAMILY Health, Happiness and Harmony (3Hs).