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To facilitate knowledge transfer, the FAMILY Project has been publishing a series of reports and briefs for free collection. We hope to share the insightful findings and valuable project experiences with the community partners, stakeholders and the public through the publications, and further promote the messages of FAMILY 3Hs in Hong Kong and beyond.

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Community Health Campaign: Fitter Families Project

The project was organized to promote the habits of doing FAMILY Holistic Health activities (physical activity and a healthy diet) and enhance family cohesion among disadvantaged and low-income families in Kwun Tong.

Happy Family Kitchen Movement Project

Based on the strong foundation of the Happy Family Kitchen I & II projects, the Happy Family Kitchen Movement was scaled up to involve more community partners and cover a larger scope of beneficiaries.

Boosting Positive Energy Programme

Jointly organized with the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch, with the aims to strengthen resilience and to enhance the understanding of Hong Kong public services among new arrivals in Hong Kong.

Learning Families Project

Jointly organized with the Christian Family Service Centre and engages the Estate Management Advisory Committees, Mutual Aid Committees and others, the project aims to build a Learning Families culture, enabling residents to learn 3Hs and build a cohesive community.