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To further promote Zero Time Exercise, the FAMILY Project has rolled out the Zero Time Exercise mobile application to encourage the public to do simple exercises anytime, anywhere. This app is a one-stop platform offering practical information on Zero Time Exercise in a user-friendly manner.

This app introduces a range of Zero Time Exercise with photos and text descriptions. You can choose the exercises categorized by types (balance, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory capacity and body composition). For each exercise, simple steps and their health benefits are explained in detail. There are also safety precautions for each exercise so you can prevent any injuries.

Another highlight of this app is the Fitness Self-test where you can easily set exercise goals and record your results. You can track your exercise progress via personalized graphs. With this interactive tracking tool, you will definitely be motivated to exercise regularly!

The Zero Time Exercise mobile app is available for download free of charge. Don’t miss it! And remember to share with family and friends!

Android version

iOS version

(Chinese version only)

FAMILY Project Zero Time Exercise mobile app

You can choose exercises categorized by types.

Fitness Self-test enables you to track your exercise efforts.