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Share the Care, Share the Joy

Partnering organization: Department of Health

This is a randomized controlled study to test the effectiveness of an intervention which aims to strengthen marital dyad and enhance intergenerational harmony in preparation for receiving a newborn.

A new life born into a family means more than simply adding a new member. Pregnancy and childbirth create a transition that stretches family resources and challenges coping mechanisms. Families that can not master the stress well are at risk of dysfunction. Successful transition requires new adjustments. In Chinese families, maternal mothers and mothers-in-law play significant roles in family systems, particularly at the time of having a newborn, and family tensions can dramatically increase. However, the extended family can also be an important source of support. A child may also alter parents’ relationship with each other as well as relationships between grandparents and the parents, and lead to disturbances in the family harmony and functioning. This intervention is carefully designed to meet the needs identified among Chinese pregnant and postpartum women.

Participants will increase their awareness of the family structure and communication, as well as their self-efficacy in communication and conflict management. The intervention also seeks to enhance the marital and intergenerational bonds through appropriate involvement of the family members.