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Knowledge transfer
To facilitate knowledge transfer, FAMILY Project publishes a variety of publications.
Zero Time Exercise
Zero Time Exercise does not require extra time, money and equipment, it is enjoyable, easy and effective!
Community-based Projects
In collaboration with social service organisations, we organise a series of community-based projects.
3Hs Events
FAMILY Project successfully held the territory-wide 3Hs Public Engagement and Promotion Campaign.

Zero Time Exercise - Intro

To promote FAMILY Holistic Health, the FAMILY Project advocates for the Triangle of Health – a healthy lifestyle with 3-E (Enjoyable, Easy and Effective) 0-1 Exercises (Zero-, Negative- and Minimal-time [1 minute]), 3-M and 3-L healthy diet (More vegetables, More fruits and More fibre; Less sugar, Less salt and Less fat), and 3-P living attitude (Positive Psychology) (Positive emotion, Positive family communication and Positive family relationship). 0-1 Exercises can be done Anytime, Anyw...