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“Happy Family Kitchen” Project
Received Wide Support by Families in Yuen Long

The “Happy Family Kitchen” project was widely supported by residents in Yuen Long. Through a wide variety of cooking and fun activities, including cooking classes, strawberry picking and farming activities, participants learnt the skills of positive family communication.

Happy Family Kitchen
District-based Community Programmes Kicked Off

District-based community programmes of the “Happy Family Kitchen” project were recently kicked off, enabling the participants to enjoy precious cooking and dining time with family members.

Sha Tin Festival – Jockey Club FAMILY 3Hs Fun Fest

Thousands of families had fun at Sha Tin Sports Ground last Christmas. The “Sha Tin Festival – Jockey Club FAMILY 3Hs Fun Fest” was held on 25 to 27 December 2010.

Symposium cum Training Workshops for FAMILY Project

The third Symposium cum Training Workshops of the FAMILY Project was successfully held on 4 to 7 December 2010. The theme of this year was “Best Science for Best Practice: Building a Harmonious Society using a Community-based Participatory Approach”.

Sham Shui Po Well-being Day

Happiness is all around! The Sham Shui Po Well-Being Day, a key public education event of the “Sham Shui Po Well-being Movement”, was held on 30 October at Maple Street Playground.

Power of Well-being
Builds a Harmonious Community

The FAMILY Project has sponsored and co-organized the “Sham Shui Po Well-being Movement”. On 20 October, the project team and other local groups set up a number of Well-being Promotion Booths across Sham Shui Po district to spread the power of well-being among the residents.

Study on Family Communication Patterns in Hong Kong
More Praise More Happiness

The FAMILY Project conducted an annual population-based telephone survey entitled “Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey” (HK-FHInTS). Survey result shows that giving praise to family members and physical touch like hugs are significantly associated with family harmony and happiness.

Smart “Actigraph” Helps Better Understand Family Lifestyles

To have a better understanding of lifestyles of Hong Kong families, FAMILY Project Household Survey invited some participating family members to wear the “Actigraph” during the survey, in order to measure human physical activities, such as steps taken.

FAMILY Project at Primary Schools

Cohort team of the FAMILY Project participated in orientation activities of primary schools in targeted districts (Sham Shui Po and Hong Kong East), to introduce the FAMILY Project, and recruit families to participate in this large-scale household survey.

You Can Find FAMILY Project at YouTube Now!

You can find FAMILY project at YouTube now! Animations about family themed stories are on show, all are heart touching and educational!