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2013 Jockey Club Summer Visits Programme
Enjoying 3Hs Summer Time with Families

The Jockey Club Summer Visits Programme is one of the annual events held by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust during the summer break. This year’s programme included visiting the Club’s facilities, playing 3Hs-themed games and having lunch. The activities brought out the family 3Hs message and provided a chance for the elderly and their family members to participate in the activities together.

Happy Family Kitchen Project
Family Forum

The Family Forum of the Happy Family Kitchen project was held on July 5 sharing the project’s experience and accomplishments. Many special guests were invited to give speeches and presentations. The forum serves as a platform for social service professionals, academics and government representatives to exchange views and have in-depth discussions.

Happy Family Kitchen Project
Family-based Regional Seminar

In order to promote the family-based and public health-focused service model, the Happy Family Kitchen launched the “Family-based Regional Seminar”. The project invited social workers from different organizations to share their experiences on participating in the family-based programmes and promote wisdom sharing with one another.

FAMILY: More Appreciation and Less Criticism Project
Practice Manual

FAMILY: More Appreciation and Less Criticism project aims at encouraging parents to express appreciation more often to their children, or criticize their children less often, thereby enhancing family 3Hs. In view of the need to document and share with frontline professionals the wisdom and experience gained from the project, the Practice Manual is published recently.

FAMILY: “More Appreciation and Less Criticism” Project
Practice Wisdom Forum cum Sharing Workshops
The Practice Wisdom Forum cum Sharing Workshops of the FAMILY: “More Appreciation and Less Criticism” Project was recently held. The FAMILY Project research team shared with participants the preliminary findings and experiences in developing and delivering a brief, single session programme that could potentially reach and benefit a large number of recipients.
FAMILY: Boosting Positive Energy Programme
Enhance Mainland New Arrivals’ Resilience

The FAMILY: Boosting Positive Energy Programme was held in Sham Shui Po, Kwun Tong, North District, Yuen Long and Hong Kong East earlier. The programme aims to enhance Mainland new arrivals’ resilience and their understanding of public services in Hong Kong, thereby promoting family 3Hs.

Amazing Body, Mind and Soul Women’s Health Project

The Hong Kong Island Women’s Association organized the Amazing Body, Mind and Soul Women’s Health Project, and invited the FAMILY Project of the School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong to collaborate in a large-scale community survey. This was a new cross-sector collaboration approach between academics and community. A symposium was then held on 2 February to share the preliminary research findings.

Enhancing Family Well-being Project
Practice Wisdom Forum

The Power of happiness helps to build a harmonious Sham Shui Po! Since the launch of this project in early 2012, the Enhancing Family Well-being Project has been promoting the messages of positive values and family Health, Happiness and Harmony (3Hs) in Sham Shui Po district through organizing family-oriented programmes for more than 1,000 families. To consolidate the valuable experiences gained, we organized the Practice Wisdom Forum at the InnoCentre in Kowloon Tong on 25 January.

FAMILY Project Cohort Study Findings
“3Hs” in Hypertension Control: Act Together to Save Lives Now

The FAMILY Project Cohort Study has recently found that among those on treatment of high blood pressure, happier individuals and those who lived in more cohesive neighbourhoods were more likely to achieve good blood pressure control. On 13 December 2012, a press conference was arranged to disseminate the result findings and has received substantial media and public attention.

FAMILY Project as a Social Barometer
Press Conference on Cohort Study Result Announcement

To announce the result findings of the “FAMILY Project cohort study: A population-based household survey”, a press conference was held by the FAMILY Project on 3 December 2012 and it attracted a wide media coverage. The study shows that more than 60% of the respondents enjoyed harmonious relationships within the family.